June 22, 2018

Sumitomo Chemical has recently submitted a registration application in the EU for the novel fungicide compound with the ISO common name “metyltetraprole”, which Sumitomo Chemical and BASF have been developing jointly.

Metyltetraprole, an active ingredient discovered by Sumitomo Chemical, exhibits efficacy against various pathogens including those that have developed resistance towards fungicides currently available on the market. Through their collaboration, both companies have demonstrated that metyltetraprole is a highly effective fungicide for the control of a broad range of diseases including Septoria leaf blotch in wheat. The companies are confident that metyltetraprole will provide growers with an innovative tool to protect their crops and secure yields.

Sumitomo Chemical and BASF are each planning to launch their own fungicide products containing metyltetaprole in the EU in 2022 or later, following approval from relevant regulatory authorities. Going forward, the companies will accelerate their respective product development not only in the EU, but also for other countries, offering their fungicide products to the world over.

Life sciences, including agrochemicals, are likely to show high growth in the future. Given the prospects, Sumitomo Chemical positions life science as one of its key business domains in which the Company should seek further business expansion.  Among other things, Sumitomo Chemical will reinforce development of new agro-solutions that will cater to specific needs of growers, thereby contributing to meeting an ever-growing demand for increased food production as the world’s population continues to rise.

A related press release will separately be issued on June 22 in joint names of Sumitomo Chemical and BASF in Germany where BASF is headquartered.