ASDE: A Sumitomo Chemical Group company

Following the sale in 1993 of the commercial network of Rhone Poulenc Agro, Sumitomo Chemical Company (SCC) acquired the majority of the distribution network of their plant protection products for the first European market at the time, France. PHILAGRO France was born.

A few months later in October 1994, the European Regional Headquarters of Sumitomo Chemical Agro Europe S.A.S. (SCAE) was created. The goal was on one hand to expand our business on the whole of the European market and not only France, and on the other hand to actively take part in European regulations.

Since then, we are managing 5 subsidiaries at EMEA level (Sumitomo Chemical (UK) PLC, Philagro South Africa, Sumitomo Chemical Italy, PHILAGRO France & Kenogard in Spain), so that they can successfully apply to the European authorities in their respective regions for registration and participate in the development of new innovative and environmentally friendly products of Sumitomo Chemical Company. Ahead of our time, we have continuously supported the biological products development in Europe thanks to the integration of  Valent BioSciences in Sumitomo in 2001. At that time, ASDE and its subsidiaries were the first to offer a range of traditional and biological chemistry products.

We have also been investing in research & development through our biological evaluation center in France over the last 20 years through our affiliate, PHILAGRO France.