“Tuta absoluta” is a charming word to describe a pest that attacks -in larval form- plants of the Solanaceae family at all stages of plant growth; the plants that the “Tuta absoluta” loves are tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, tobacco, potatoes and even ornamental plants.

Since the first detection in Spain in 2006, this pest has spread to tomato growing regions in Europe, North Africa, and now the Middle East.. Damage is caused by larval tunneling and can result in over 80% of fruits loss.

In 2009, Tuta Absoluta became a major issue in Morocco and farmers were faced for the first time with this insect and their tomato growing (crops) were totally destroyed (between 50 and 100% of devastation). Producing tomatoes became difficult and acreage of field tomatoes dropped dramatically.

We were rapidly alerted by our network of distributors and also directly by totally devoid farmers of the total disruption of their crops: phytosanitary measures were at that stage ineffective!

In the light of the disaster, we were presented with a real challenge: as a result, we asked all our teams to focus their efforts to eliminate this pest thanks to our biological product: DIPEL®.

Everybody was involved: our Regulatory team, our Technical& Sales teams to provide technical support and follow-up to our Distributors and our Supply Chain team to ensure the product was delivered on time…

The expansion of the “Tuta absoluta” – who had in the meantime reached the Nordic countries – was totally controlled.

Today, farmers know how to react in the event of recurrence of Tuta Absoluta.

We are very proud to have helped saving the crops, thanks to an eco-friendly product on the environment and humans.