May 31, 2018

Sumitomo Chemical has announced today that, starting June 1, it will begin the operations of its Chemistry Research Center (“CRC”), a synthesis research building newly built on the premises of its Health & Crop Sciences Research Laboratory in Takarazuka, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.

The CRC is intended to serve as Sumitomo Chemical’s new global R&D base principally for discovery and innovation of crop protection chemicals and household & public hygiene insecticides. The CRC building was completed in April 2018 and has been in preparation for the start of its operation.

The CRC features an advanced space design to create an inspiring environment where researchers can actively communicate with each other and generate innovative ideas. In addition, the Company intends to further accelerate new compound invention and new product development by consolidating into the CRC the Company’s organic synthesis research functions within Japan, from discovery research for novel compounds to production process research, which have independently be located inside and outside the Takarazuka area.

Sumitomo Chemical positions the field of life science as one of its key business domains, for which high growth is expected in the future. The Company’s Health & Crop Sciences Sector is operating business globally, supported, among others, by its highly advanced R&D capabilities, and the establishment of the CRC is another important step forward following the Company’s recent initiatives of expanding its R&D capabilities in Brazil and the United States. By strengthening the business foundation through these efforts, Sumitomo Chemical will work vigorously to generate innovative products and technologies, hoping to make continued contribution to offering solutions to a variety of social agenda, such as global food supply, health and sanitation, and environmental problems.

Overview of the Chemistry Research Center

Address:                       2-1, Takatsukasa 4-chome, Takarazuka City, Hyogo, Japan

Scale:                            Six floors above ground

Structure:                     Steel structure, base isolation

Total floor area:          Approx. 10,000 m2

Start of operation:      June 1, 2018

CRC’s multipurpose space and lounge of advanced design


Locations of Global R&D Centers of the Health & Crop Sciences Sector

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