Last fiscal year, Sumitomo Chemical adjusted the positioning of its annual report and CSR Report, reorganizing them as an integrated report, which is Sumitomo Chemical’s new Annual Report. With the aim of communicating its sustained growth in a way that is easy to understand for shareholders and other investors, as well as a broad array of other stakeholders, the new Annual Report comprehensively brings together financial information and non-financial information. In addition to a report on financial results and information on the strengths of businesses and business strategies, the Annual Report includes information on Sumitomo Chemical’s corporate governance system as well as its environmental and corporate social responsibility initiatives.

The Annual Report 2018 was created with the intention of having analysts and investors see, read, and feel our value creation story, serving as the “Sumitomo Chemical Museum” that introduces Sumitomo Chemical’s past, present, and future. The report also features new content such as an ESG dialogue with an investor, a discussion of governance with Outside Directors, and value creation models for each business sector. Sumitomo Chemical hopes this Annual Report serves as a bridge to its stakeholders and communicates its efforts to create new value by mobilizing the entire Sumitomo Chemical Group.

The Sumitomo Chemical Annual Report 2018 is available here along with a survey to fill out.