CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility

The Sumitomo’s business philosophy is based on the concept of maintaining harmony between the company’s interests and those of the public.

It is defined that Sumitomo must seek to benefit not only from its own business, but also society at large, a concept that is known as the core of corporate social responsibility (CSR). At Sumitomo Chemical, CSR is not philanthropy but is rather conducting its business in ways that contribute to creating a more prosperous society. One example is supporting the global fight against malaria through our Olyset™ Net, a mosquito net developed to prevent malaria. We hope to contribute, even in a small way, to the future of our next generation. While trying to eradicate malaria, there is something that Sumitomo Chemical, as one company, can do. In our case, it is Olyset™ Net.

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SCAE strongly supports Sumitomo Chemical Corporation CSR guidelines.

At SCAE, we support every year the:

  • Abbé Pierre foundation to provide funds for homeless people,
  • ASF (Association Française du Sang) for blood donation by our employees during the working time,
  • Hospital of Lyon to provide funds through the collection of plastic bottle caps to buy wheelchairs for disabled individuals.

We also participate in different events such as the race against breast cancer « Courir pour Elle », race against heart disease « La Course du Cœur »…

Our teams are fully implicated in these events.